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Jackie Wilson -- In the Raw!

Although the great Jackie Wilson has been a vocal idol of mine since I was a pre-teen, I always felt his recordings were over-produced. I am not a fan of choral backing vocals and lavish orchestration. But then I discovered this early gem, "Rainy Day Blues," which he recorded as Sonny Wilson in 1952, before he joined the Dominoes! Now, THIS is the way R&B was meant to be! It's Jackie's raw, soulful vocals that make the song soar, not strings and slick production gimmicks. Take a listen to this killer track that Mr. Wilson recorded while still a teen!

And check out the B side, which features his stirring cover of "Danny Boy." Both songs were recorded for Dizzy Gillespie's Brunswick label. Dizzy KNEW!

Click the Read more link to hear both numbers.

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